Poultry processors looking for ways to improve yield and consistency and to better manage their entire production process can get help from ThinkGates, a BOC process optimisation and service technology business.

At the Southeastern Poultry and Egg Association's upcoming 2006 Poultry Processor workshop, John Rinald, director of the ThinkGates business, will discuss how the ThinkGates process optimisation technology and service can capture real-time data in first and further poultry processing. Rinald will deliver a presentation titled \\$quot;˜Automated Data Acquisition for the Plant\\$quot; at the Poultry and Egg Association's session on \\$quot;˜Emerging Technology for Poultry Processing\\$quot; on Thursday, 18 May at 900 am at the Sheraton Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia, US.

First processing runs from slaughter to chill. During further processing, poultry is made into products such as chicken fingers, chicken patties or fajita strips.

John Rinald said: "One challenge processors face is delivering product quality while maintaining the highest level of yield, throughput and efficiency. Our expertise is in capturing and delivering data automatically on product quality and throughput. We measure variables, such as temperature, weight, viscosity, moisture, and product damage, and then use those measurements to immediately adjust the production process.

"We can measure variables electronically using sensors or directly from equipment Process Logic Controllers, or PLCs. The data is sent either to an automatic controller or to an operator or supervisor who makes real-time adjustments for better operational control and consistency. Having the ability to make these real-time changes can help processors better comply with their operating parameters," Rinald said.

"Think Gates is a comprehensive offering that monitors the product - not just the equipment - resulting in a better product consistency, yield and quality,"Rinald added.