Global Gases is pleased to confirm that it has now fully commissioned its third helium facility, in Cape Town, South Africa and is readily positioned to announce further facilities in the near future.

The transfill facility is the company’s third around the world and adds to sister sites in Dubai and Singapore, with Global Gases South Africa the pioneer in compressing to 300 bar for pure helium and diving gases in South Africa.

Liquid helium is being supplied by MTG Trigas Global Helium in 11,000 gallon helium tankers from the US and builds upon the strong relationship already established between the two companies. As recently as January this year, an exclusive specialty gas marketing alliance in the Middle East was announced between Matheson Tri-Gas and Global Gases and grew on a budding association.

Deepak Mehta, Managing Director & CEO of the Global Gases Group, commented, “This is our third helium transfill after Dubai and Singapore and the group is very well positioned to supply wider geographies in Middle East, South East Asia and West Africa Diving contractors. Our customers have been very happy with the close proximity of collecting diving gases from Cape Town, versus logistics issues of previous supplies from Dubai and Aberdeen.”

“Global Gases Group will aggressively continue investments in this offshore gases sector and will be announcing further helium transfills globally soon,” added Mehta.

Global Gases South Africa has also installed an in-house high tech gas chromatograph which analyses diving gases to North Sea specifications and is a member of the International Marine Association (IMCA).

Founded in 2002, Global Gases has developed into a healthy business focusing on the supply of argon and services to oil and gas exploration and drilling companies in the Middle East, the Caspian Sea and African offshore energy fields.