Air Products’ three large air separation units (ASUs) in Hangjinqi, Inner Mongolia have now come on-stream.

The ASU’s were constructed for Inner Mongolia Yitai Chemical Co. Ltd. (Yitai Chemical) and will supply more than 9,000 tonnes per day of oxygen, four pressure levels of nitrogen, instrument air, and plant air to Yitai Chemical’s leading fine chemical demonstration project, which produces 1.3 million tonnes of high-quality fine chemical products annually.

Yitai Chemical is wholly owned by Inner Mongolia Yitai Group, a leading coal group and one of the top 10 private companies in China. It is also the largest coal group in Inner Mongolia, which also has major coal-to-energy and chemical investments in Xinjiang.

Saw Choon Seong, China President, Industrial Gases at Air Products, said, “Air Products has been serving China for 30 years and has contributed to many milestone energy projects. Inner Mongolia holds one of China’s largest coal reserves and is a strategic region for the company’s energy industry. We are pleased that our state-of-the-art large ASUs play a role in supporting this landmark project for the clean and efficient use of coal resources, a key goal of the Government’s 13th Five Year Plan.”

“We continue to pursue opportunities to leverage our innovation, scale and reliable and safe supply to support our customers and the country’s sustainability goals,” Seong added.

Air Products’ large ASU trains are equipped with state-of-the-art air compressors, and design and technology advancements to enhance energy efficiency and minimise operational costs for the customer. In addition, a pioneering closed-circuit water cooling system is installed to help reduce water use.