Linde Healthcare, a global business of the Linde Group, has announced the three grantees of its REALfund initiative, who will receive funds to support their innovative research in the healthcare sector.

Although the amounts of the funds were not disclosed, the REALfund initiative supports ideas and projects with the potential to improve patient outcomes and health economics across the respiratory medicine sector.

The first of the three beneficiaries are PD Johannes Bickenbach MD and Prof. Michael Dreher MD from Germany, who are investigating exacerbations of invasively mechanically ventilated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients.

The second grantee, Thomas Bitter MD, will use the funds to study if high flow oxygen (O2) therapy can serve as a therapeutic approach to patients suffering from Cheyne-Stokes respiration, also based in Germany.

And the third recipient, Prof. Christopher H. Fanta MD in the US, plans to develop a smartphone app which is able to alert COPD patients about deterioration in their breathing and provide recommendations to prevent serious exacerbations of their conditions.

Dr. Konstantin Fiedler, Head of Innovation at Linde Healthcare, explained, “The aim of Linde Healthcare’s REALfund initiative is to seek and reward ideas that have real potential to be developed into better respiratory care solutions for patients.” 

While Dr. Christian Wojczewski, Head of Linde Healthcare, enthused, “The newly awarded REALfund grants fit very well into Linde Healthcare’s footprint as global healthcare organisation specialising along an integrated respiratory care path. The work of these researchers will help healthcare professionals, support healthcare systems and further improve the quality of care and life for patients.”