Innovation in the helix.

By having processed the nearly indestructible platinum rhodium alloy in the shape of a helix for the first time, the Thyracont Vacuum Instruments VCP Pirani, which works with the patented impulse ramp principle, achieves an excellent precision as well as the high resolution and temperature stability that are well known from the Thyracont standard Pirani. The feedthrough is metal sealed and a stable, interference-free metal casing ensures optimum protection for the compact transducer even with rough application conditions.

The Pirani sensor in the VCP gauge has a platinum rhodium filament, making it applicable for corrosive gas applications beyond the range of 100 x 5e-4 hPa. The relatively smooth surface of this material reduces deposits of oil vapors or other contaminations and therefore ensures a particularly high durability of the filament which has been verified in field tests with especially critical applications. The sensor can even withstand steam pressure sterilizations.

Measurements are output as a logarithmic 0-10 V signal and can thus easily be processed in system control.