Tiger Optics LLC, the leading manufacturer of laser-based trace gas analyzers, has announced that at Pittcon 2008 it is to exhibit the HALO+ trace moisture analyser, the newly-announced winner of the 2008 Golden Gas Award for Gas Analysis/ Gas Chromatography.

The HALO+, a mini-Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CW-CRDS) analyzer capable of measuring at the parts-per-trillion (PPT) levels, covers a wider dynamic range than any other trace gas analyser on the market. The unit is believed to offer unmatched accuracy, speed, repeatability and low cost-of-ownership for which Tiger Optics analysers are known worldwide.

Since first announcing the HALO in early 2007, Tiger Optics has experienced dramatic demand for the analyser from customers around the world facing challenging processes, where accurate moisture measurement is particularly critical. Immediately taking hold, the HALO generated over a third of Tiger’s total revenues in its first year of introduction, while customers in the gas, specialty gas, laboratory calibration, industrial process control, and semiconductor fabrication industries have embraced the HALO product family.

Lisa Bergson, CEO of Tiger Optics, reflects on the whirlwind success of the company’s HALO family of products, “One year ago, the introduction of the HALO family of products marked a substantial breakthrough in the world of trace moisture analysis, providing industry the ability to solve a myriad of challenges for the first time via a single, compact and affordable solution.”

“The enormous interest we’ve received in the HALO, and more recently the HALO+, only verifies that we as a company are achieving our goal – to take CW-CRDS beyond the lab and out onto the production floor. We look forward to working with our customers to identify new applications and benefits that significantly impact their businesses,” added Bergson.

Designated as a transfer standard by many of the world’s leading national laboratories and addressing over 500 points worldwide, Tiger Optics’ analysers offer proven performance, enhanced throughput, and greatly reduced cost-of-ownership.