US gas analyser manufacturer Tiger Optics will introduce two new products to monitor airborne molecular contaminants, as well as displaying its moisture analyser, at the SEMICON Europa show next week.

The Pennsylvania-based corporation’s newest HALO quite reduced pressure (QRP) moisture analyser was developed for manufacturers using low-temperature epitaxy (LT-Epi). With the shift to lower and lower deposition temperatures and pressures, moisture has become the main culprit in oxide defects. The HALO QRP can monitor each process step and report real-time moisture concentration to the tool control system. The HALO QRP easily operates at one torr or less, in comparison to the company’s HALO RP, which is limited to 50 torr.

At SEMICON Europa, the company will also unveil its new state-of-the-art mobile cart to package its analysers for cleanroom environments. The AMC Cart can easily accommodate up to four T-I Max analysers, with two fitting comfortably in each of two standard 19” racks.

Founder and CEO of Tiger, Lisa Bergson, said, “Building on our decades of work with bulk and specialty gas in the sub-fab, we are also in the cleanroom, serving the industry’s tools and their micro-environments.” 

The products will be exhibited at SEMICON Europa, held in Munich, Germany, from 14th to 17th November.

Tiger Optics makes laser-based gas analysers that help advance science and industry with the world’s most powerful molecular analysis. More than 2,500 robust Tiger units work in semiconductor fabrication plants, gas manufacturers, chemical companies and environmental monitoring shelters, as well as serving over 21 national metrology institutes.