Tiger Optics LLC was given cause for celebration recently, after its breakthrough Prismatic™ Multi-Species Gas Analyser won the Best of Show award at PITTCON 2010 Conference & Expo.

The company, a leading manufacturer of laser-based trace gas analysers, enjoyed further success at the event with the presenation of a Golden Gas Award for the same product.

More than a decade in development, the new Prismatic product is a single analyser that can measure trace levels of as many as 16 different molecules with Tiger Optics’ field-proven technology, known as Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CW CRDS).

The instrument has won top marks for innovation, environmental ‘green’ attributes, and other cost and quality considerations. First unveiled at SEMICON West in 2009, the Prismatic relies on a novel, patented technique that utilises Brewster’s Angle retroreflector prisms to gain high reflectivity over a wide wavelength range. This ‘broadband’ capability allows trace detection of different molecules in one device – a dramatic advance for both industry andresearch.

“We are proud that the research has finally borne fruit,” said Lisa Bergson, Tiger Optics’ Founder and Chief Executive.

“The magnitude of this advance and the effort it entailed prompt us to suggest that the Prismatic is not so much an ‘improved product’ as an entirely new platform for gas analysis.”

The analyser won the first annual ‘Best of Show’ award at the prestigious Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy {PITTCON), and also garnered a Gold Award in the Gas Analysis Category. It was the second such award in three years for the manufacturer in a competition conducted by Gases & Instrumentation International.