Taiyo Nippon Sanso completed construction of its Medical, Technical, and Service Centre in the city of Chiba, Japan with a ceremony held on 26 April to mark this completion.The centre will become the core logistics base for their Medical Division.

The building is an iron framework, 2 story construction. The first floor has space set aside for receiving products, storing, and for shipping. It also has spaces for maintenance, filling of gas, and cylinder inspection. The second floor contains the offices and warehouse, as well as a meeting room which can accommodate up to 50 people.

The offices will have various functions such as receiving orders, data management, and monitoring of centres nationwide. They will fulfil the role of the core base for medical device centres of the company located in Saitama Pref., Gifu Pref., and Fukuoka Pref. They plan to use the meeting room for training sessions, and seminars for their sales association.

In addition, the new centre will handle the reception of orders, storage and shipping out of liquid nitrogen dewars, and the stable isotope products. The centre will also undertake the re-inspection of FRP composite cylinders and liquid oxygen cylinders. It will also fill oxygen and liquid nitrogen. It will deal with medical devices such as the composite air mixing facilities which is a gas application developed at their Yamanashi Research Centre. They will also evaluate development products such as small filling facilities, which are imported products. Both the storage and maintenance areas are divided into hygiene and non-hygiene areas. One special feature is that they have made a special effort concerning the internal layout as a medical facility.

The total investment amounted to about 400 million.