Through the company’s Singapore subsidiary, called Leeden National Oxygen Ltd., it has announced it will establish the Leeden NOX Gas Research Centre (LNGRC) to develop welding-related gas technologies in Southeast Asia.

LNOX, which is marking its 50th anniversary, will utilise LNGRC as a key base to further raise its corporate value.

The news follows the announcement on 30th July, 2014, that TNSC would be stepping up business expansion in Southeast Asia under its medium-term business plan Ortus Stage 1. As part of the groundwork for this expansion, TNSC has set up Taiyo Nippon Sanso Holdings Singapore Pte. Ltd. to provide operational support to the group’s companies in Southeast Asia.

With the goal of raising business efficiency and enhancing its ability to tackle new market development, Leeden Limited and National Oxygen Pte Ltd. were merged on 1st October, 2014. As a result, businesses operations of Singapore and Malaysia were integrated.

The purpose of establishing TNSC’s first research centre in Southeast Asia is that it is believed LNGRC will enhance LNOX products and services and expand the welding-related business in the area while leveraging its capabilities as a sales company and manufacturer in the welding-related business, a particular strength of LNOX.

Further, LNGRC will increase customer value by utilising the welding gas technology developed by TNSC principally at its Yamanashi Laboratory, and meeting local needs.

Positioned as TNSC’s first research centre in Southeast Asia, LNGRC aims to expand welding gas revenue through the local initiatives of LNOX. TNSC also aims to expand into other growth fields over the medium term using LNGRC as a springboard.

The basic functions of the Leeden NOX Gas Research Centre are
 to develop technology as well as upgrade and improve products tailored to the needs of the Asian market.
 Also the centre will be aimed at testing and evaluation – 
to promote welding gas through customer demonstrations and make technical proposals. Finally the centre will be focused on training – 
to train customers and in-house staff and spread the TNSC brand.