Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC) has launched the new SCOPE-Jet®, an enhanced performance oxygen (O2) burner for electric arc furnaces (EAF) that supports low-pressure, low-calorie fuels.

The Japanese company has used SCOPE-Jet, a high-speed O2 burner lance with a compact and extremely simple nozzle structure, in EAF steelmaking processes since 2001.

The new SCOPE-Jet with enhanced performance and durability, in addition to being able to support low-pressure, low-calorie fuels by using expertise it has cultivated through the EAF steelmaking process, has been created to address market demand for cost reductions driven by rising electricity charges and secondary material costs.

The original SCOPE-Jet forms a flame surrounding the O2 jet flow in the vicinity of the nozzle, which raises the atmospheric temperature of the jet flow and extends the jet flow’s potential core.

A press release explained the flame-forming nozzle has been improved in the new SCOPE-Jet, extending the potential core by 15% more than the conventional model.

It continued, “This enhanced power in penetrating molten steel and lance functionality during refining in EAF steelmaking.”

“Moreover, using low-pressure, low-calorie fuels makes it possible to stabilize flame combustibility, which enables using fuels with low calorific value, such as coke oven gas (COG).”

“Furthermore, by leveraging expertise cultivated using the conventional SCOPE-Jet in EAF steelmaking, TNSC has improved the structure of the nozzle to counter blockages caused by such factors as splashing in EAF, enhancing its durability.”