Oliver IGD Limited has announced the launch of the latest addition to their comprehensive range of sensors with the release of the Tocsin 102 PID (Photo-ionisation) ATEX Certified detector.

The Tocsin 102 PID is capable of detecting over 400 chemical substances, allowing this sensor to be a major part of any detection system covering VOC’s, HAZMAT, WMD’s, Toxic Gases, Bio-threats, Trace Gases and Process Escapes.

Furthermore, Oliver IGD explains that the Tocsin 102 is a low cost and easy to fit device with a very small size of 50mm x 80mm length, ensuring application of the device close to sources of risk and escape a much easier task. At only 510g, the device is also lightweight and can be combined with many passive sampling options for in line applications.

Oliver IGD has addressed current concerns with PID devices, mainly the issue of initial and lifetime costs through maintenance and spares.

With most devices utilising a pump for sample collection and the understood lifetime issue of the Photo-ionisation lamps, Oliver IGD provides a positive alternative with the Tocsin 102 designed as a normal diffusion device requiring no pump or moving parts considerably reducing breakdowns and maintenance requirements.

As a diffusion device, the atmosphere is not forced to the detector with a pump which reduces lamp contamination; this enhances the self cleaning capability reducing further the requirements for maintenance and personnel intervention.

Among the many other advantages, the Tocsin 102 PID is available in Analogue (4-20mA) and addressable versions with an industrial Tocsin 103 analogue and addressable version released in January 2010.

Oliver IGD Ltd is a specialist company in gas detection and gas monitoring equipment, boasting expertise in gas detection that dates back as far as 1919 when the company was at the forefront of development for gas detection.