Safety first in Melbourne this week as the Safety in Action exhibition draws workplace managers from across the country.

Industrial gas producers and equipment manufactures are all taking to the floor for the three day show which runs until the 22nd of March. Exhibitors include BOC, Australia on the producer front and companies such as GasTech and Sensor Technologies representing equipment producers.

WorkSafe's executive director, John Merritt, said Safety In Action provided an opportunity to learn more about workplace safety. $quot;The opportunity to check products and seek expert advice will help the majority of people who like to keep themselves up to date, which is important as it ensures efforts to reduce risks are constantly monitored,$quot; he said in the lead up to the show.

Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the 2007 shows and conference are expected to build on last year's record attendance of 12,129, which brought the total over nine years to 50,880 visits.