Danish decarbonisation specialist Topsoe has been awarded public funding as part of its strategy to scale up Power-to-X solutions and advance the EU’s green hydrogen goals.

Having recently announced its intention to build an what will be the world’s largest electrolyser production facility in Herning, Denmark, Topsoe has received the funding from the Danish Board of Business Development in support of the upscaling and increased deployment of the company’s SOEC technology.

The Board will grant a total of DKK 88,8m ($12.5m) to a partnership between Topsoe, Denmark’s Technical University (DTU) and Aarhus University (AU), with Topsoe receiving up to DKK 80,3m ($11.3m) of the total grant sum. 

Stating that Power-to-X technology is set to play a ‘central role’ in the green transition, Roeland Baan, CEO, Topsoe, added, “At Topsoe, we are pioneering the Power-to-X landscape with our SOEC technology offering 30% higher efficiency than remaining technologies and even at a lower cost.” 

What is Power-to-X?

Michael Sterner, a professor at OTH Regensburg University in Regensburg, Germany, defines power-to-X as “the means to convert electricity, understood to be primary energy, into an energy carrier, heat, cold, product, or raw material. It is an umbrella term for different ways of generating energy, namely power-to-gas, power-to-liquid, power-to-fuel, power-to-chemicals and power-to-heat.”

The funding is regarded as the first phase in the Board’s support of Tope’s scale up activities in Power-to-X, with further national and international funding deemed necessary to meet Denmark’s energy transition goals and Power-to-X strategy. 

“Power-to-X and hydrogen can become a new business adventure for Danish companies, and it is fantastic to see so many ideas about future green fuels coming from Danish companies,” commented Simon Kollerup, Danish Minister for Industry, Business, and Financial Affairs. 

Green innovative technologies are being supported by the Board using a total of DKK 225m from the REACT-EU programme. 

As part of the scheme, the 14 projects that were awarded funding must utilise it no later than August 2023. 

When in operation, Topsoe’s electrolyser manufacturing facility will have a 500-megawatt capacity per year with an option to expand to 5 gigawatts.

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