Technology company Toray Industries (Toray) has developed a method of permeating hydrogen from mixed gases that reduces the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) released during the hydrogen purification processes.

Toray’s polymeric separation membrane module also reduces the number of modules required during purification. 

The module works by removing impurities during hydrogen production and usage, using pressure differences to save space and enable separation without phase changes. 

The company used a technology that utilises reverse osmosis membranes to develop a separation membrane with a highly controlled pore structure by deploying a material with a high hydrogen affinity. 

Source: Toray

This membrane remedies purity issues, providing Toray with a hydrogen permeation purity of 98%. 

Hydrogen permeability is increased by the design of the membrane. The channel materials of ‘key components’ were optimised to reduce flow resistance, providing it with double the area of conventional separation membrane modules. 

In addition to furthering its energy transition ambitions, the company aims to partner with engineering companies in Japan to establish mass production techniques. 

Its polymer separation membrane modules will be showcased at several events including Nano Tech 2022 and Tokyo Big Sight from January 26th – 28th, 2022.