Toshiba Corporation has opened a new hydrogen (H2) application centre at its Fuchu Complex in western Tokyo.

The site is built around a newly designed H2OneTM H2 power system that uses renewable energy to produce H2 via electrolysis and supply it to fuel cell forklifts operating in the complex.

The system is controlled by the Japanese company’s H2 energy management system H2EMSTM, which includes a new H2 demand prediction function that forecasts supply requirements for each fuel cell vehicle.

Toshiba said that this will allow space saving optimisation in its H2 storage area.

Hiroyuki Ota, Project Manager of Toshiba’s Energy Systems and Solutions Company, highlighted, “This centre showcases totally carbon dioxide-free operation, from H2 production through to application.”

Toshiba first announced plans to build the complex in November 2016.

Toshiba hydrogen centre

Source: Toshiba Corporation