Total Helium has today (18th Jan) confirmed that its Boltz 35B well has been completed, with production tests ongoing.

Now logged and completed, production testing for the well will now be conducted in two stages. To do this, a down-hole submersible pump has been installed and is operating to begin the dewatering process.

Further to that, a pipeline has been built and connected to a saltwater disposal facility and a pipeline has been installed to connect the well to a natural gas and helium gathering system.

Preliminary data for early production tests from the lower zones are expected in the coming weeks. Based on the upcoming production results, the upper zones may be stimulated separately and co-mingled with the lower zones production.

Robert Price, CEO of Total Helium, said, “Now that we have established the zones to be gas saturated, we will be testing the Boltz 35B well to determine its productivity. As we begin the de-watering process, we will learn of the productivity of the well during the next several months.”

“So far, we are encouraged by the reservoir characteristics. As we develop this natural gas and helium resource, we will be learning the most efficient and economical way to develop the field”

In addition to the completion, Total Helium has also confirmed that the Miller 9C Saltwater Disposal well has been drilled to 5,993 feet and casing has been set and cemented.

On the same section of land, the drilling rig has moved and the Miller 9D production well has been spudded.