Manchester-based mobile computing solution provider, Touchstar Technologies PLC, has embarked upon an aggressive growth strategy, introducing new products.

Mark Hardy, CEO, explains, “Touchstar has been an established provider of mobile computing solutions to the general logistics, oil & gas and bulk sectors for over three decades. We’re renowned for the quality of our hardware and the ‘fitness-for-purpose’ of our software solutions and this has enabled us to maintain our market position against robust competition.”

He continued, “The past twelve months has seen our R&D department successfully complete the development of a range of new products including high specification cloud-based logistics digitisation and optimisation software. This new suite of software products, combined with new Android mobile hardware, has broadened our commercial appeal and we are now actively marketing our solutions into a number of new vertical bulk logistics sectors and geographical markets.”

Source: Touchstar

New products

TouchStar has been working within the bulk logistics sector for over 30 years and has a unique understanding of mobile computing requirements. This experience has been utilised to equip its new EPOD system with a range of features to optimise the modern bulk delivery process. The system is comprised of a suite of fully integrated components as follows;

Front-end vehicle-based application software - Developed in conjunction with some of the bulk logistics industry giants, the front-end software facilitates a live connection between drivers, transport staff, accounts teams and customers. Sharing live data regarding vehicle position, on-board stock, delivery volumes and pricing, enables both better operational decision making and a reduction in administration.

Middleware - Handling the interchange of information in an efficient and timely manner, TouchStar’s middleware product provides the link between front-end vehicle-based applications and Back Office Systems. The cloud-based middleware environment integrates additional functionality from a number of sources, enhancing and consolidating all applications in one convenient location.

Mobile computing hardware - Touchstar hardware solutions are device-agnostic enabling the client to select the best device for its individual business processes. The range of ‘form factors’ which Touchstar can offer is comprehensive and includes handheld and tablet devices. More specifically Touchstar solutions have the ability to interface with any current operating system from Windows, Android or iOS. Many of the company’s devices conform to ATEX specification, making them a natural choice for operation within hazardous bulk logistics environments.

The TS3200-A is the most recent addition to the hardware range. Suitable even for the most rigorous use in the most extreme conditions, the TS3200-A provides full protection against dust, water and oil ingress and is fully compliant with the ATEX IECEx directive, allowing safe use even in potentially explosive environments. The TS3200-A also utilises front and rear-facing cameras and a glare proof 7” high-resolution screen, suitable for use with gloves. Slimmer, smarter and stronger than its predecessors, the TouchStar TS3200-A is leading a revolution in rugged tablet technology.

Logistics optimisation software - The back-end system has been developed as a scalable electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) solution for any size of business from SMEs to major blue chip organisations. Whether the client has one vehicle or thousands, the system will ensure the optimisation of work scheduling, reduce fuel costs and improve customer service levels without adding extra complexity.