Toyota Australia has joined forces with industry heavyweights to accelerate the reality of a hydrogen (H2) society built upon clean and renewable energy technology.

The automotive manufacturer has become a foundation member of Hydrogen Mobility Australia (HMA), which has been established to support the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. HMA will foster industry and government advocacy, research, education and industry engagement programme promoting the benefits of fuel cell technology.

Toyota’s Vice-President of Product and Corporate Operations, Mike Rausa, said HMA regarded H2 as a fuel of the future for supplying the clean energy needs of Australia, including for vehicles. Rausa, who is also a Director of HMA, said pairing carbon-free H2 and fuel-cell technologies with renewable energy sources could contribute significantly to energy sustainability.

“Toyota’s foundation membership of HMA aligns with our global drive to promote sustainable mobility and to play a leading role in the transition to widespread low carbon energy use. H2 has the potential to play a pivotal role in the future because it can be used to store and transport energy from wind, solar and other renewable sources to power many things, including vehicles. The sooner we move to a zero emissions society, the better. Toyota along with everyone involved in HMA is committed to making this a reality,” highlighted Rausa.

Toyota mirai

Source: Toyota Australia