Toyota Motor Corporation has launched a production model of its fuel cell bus that aims to work “for the world and for people, is environmentally friendly, and can contribute to communities beyond its role as a mobility service”.

The first fuel cell bus to receive vehicle type certification in Japan, the Sora – an acronym for sky, ocean, river and air (representing the earth’s water cycle) - is powered by the Toyota Fuel Cell System (TFCS), which was developed for the Mirai fuel cell vehicle, and has been adopted to deliver environmental performance with no carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Japan’s biggest automaker expects to introduce 100 fuel cell buses, mainly within the Tokyo metropolitan area, ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

A press release affirmed, “Toyota aims to create a bus that works for and supports society, so the TFCS has been leveraged in the Sora for its environmental friendliness and ability to serve as a power source in the event of a disaster.”

“The Sora is equipped with a high-capacity external power output device, which can provide high output and a large capacity of electricity supply (9 kW maximum output, and electricity supply of 235 kWh*2) and has potential use as an emergency power source following disasters.”


Source: Toyota Motor Corporation