Toyota Motor Corporation is set to unveil its fuel cell bus concept that aims to work “for the world and for people, is environmentally friendly, and can contribute to communities beyond its role as a mobility service” at the Tokyo Motor Show next week.

The Sora - an acronym for sky, ocean, river, air (representing the earth’s water cycle) - is powered by the Toyota Fuel Cell System, which was developed for the Mirai fuel cell vehicle, and has adopted to deliver environmental performance with no carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Japan’s biggest auto manufacturer plans to launch a commercial model based on the concept vehicle in 2018 and expect to introduce more than 100 Sora within the Tokyo metropolitan area ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games.

The concept model is based on the vision of an “enduring town icon” guided by two ideas: to make best use of the characteristics of the fuel cell unit; and to enhance the comfort of passengers travelling on bus routes. 

The Sora is designed to carry up to 79 passengers, with 22 seated, 56 standing and one driver.

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Source: Toyota Motor Corporation