Japanese automaker Toyota has revealed plans to begin selling fuel cell-powered buses in its home country from early 2017

The zero-emission buses use the same technology as Toyota’s new Mirai fuel cell sedan vehicle, but will run on a more powerful platform, with up to 10 fuel tanks holding 600 litres of highly pressurised hydrogen and producing 235kw of energy – nearly three times the output of the Tesla Model S battery.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government plans to utilise two of these fuel cell vehicles as fixed-route buses and by 2020 Toyota hopes to have a fleet of around 100 buses running in preparation for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games.

Toyota’s fuel cell buses, which have already undergone repeated field tests for practical use, can also be used as mobile power generation stations in the event of natural disasters and emergencies, the company said.

Toyota aims to accelerate the development of its hydrogen vehicles in an effort to realise its vision of a hydrogen–based society.