TECNO PROJECT INDUSTRIALE (TPI), manufacturer & supplier of plants and technology for the industrial and beverage gas markets, is now expanding its expertise to the Flue Gas Extraction Plant market.

The know-how that TPI has consolidated in CO2 production plants across the globe, is now available in Flue Gas Extraction Plants that the main European power companies are using to exploit tests about sequestration.

This ensures that TPI is playing a leading role in addressing environmental issues raised by the Kyoto protocol.

“In the past 30 years,” explains Mr. Moretti, General Manager of TPI’s CO2 division, “TECNO PROJECT INDUSTRIALE has been the leader in many of the improvements that now have become standards in the industrial and beverage gas markets.”

Now, TPI is broadening its horizons even further and lending its wealth of expertise to the field of Flue Gas Extraction Plants. Three pilot plants of different capacities have already been started up by TPI; the first one in 2006 in Denmark for Elsam (capacity 1000kg per hour), the second in The Netherlands in 2007 for TNO/E-on (250kg per hour), and the third plant in Great Britain in 2008 for RWE (60kg per hour).

TPI’s dedication to exceed modern gas industry specifications has allowed the Italian company to play a leading role in addressing the environment issues raised by the Kyoto protocol. The company’s experience involves not only plant design and construction, but also includes capabilities in solvents development.

To meet high production targets, TPI usually offers its own solvent, called Solvent X2 plus.