TrackAbout has been acquired by Datacor, a leading provider of software for process manufacturers and chemical distributors.

The new allegiance will enable more resources to continuously improve TrackAbout’s software and provide greater value to its customers, the Pittsburgh-based company explained in a statement.

“19 years ago, we set out to change the way the world tracks and manages portable, physical assets,” Tim Fusco, TrackAbout’s CEO and co-founder, said.

“Through continuous collaboration with our customer base, including world-class organisations in over 30 countries, TrackAbout has become the best solution for tracking, managing, maintaining and renting portable, physical assets.”

“TrackAbout is committed to continuing to service and support our integrations with a wide variety of ERP packages.”

“In addition, we can now offer a comprehensive ERP solution (Datacor ERP, formerly Chempax) tightly integrated with TrackAbout’s industry-leading asset management system.”

Why the acquisition?

Datacor and TrackAbout are technology providers serving similar industries with little overlap in functionality. Each solves a comprehensive set of problems for its customers.

Datacor saw that acquiring TrackAbout would allow it to (1) enter the packaged gas market with comprehensive ERP, CRM and asset tracking services and (2) provide asset tracking services to its existing customers in process manufacturing and chemical distribution.