Trakaid™ has announced a comprehensive cylinder Logistics Solution which has been engineered as an add-on to any cylinder management solution.

Companies may implement the Solution on intelligent Auto Data Capture (ADC) devices, on a laptop or on a robust tablet with internet access. ADC technology is integral to automate date entry, as it eliminates errors encountered during manual data entry. Trakaid’s new Logistics Solution will be introduced at gasworld’s Industrial Gas Conference in Singapore.  

“The new automated Logistics Solution gives companies the tools, via intelligent data at point of use, to be able to better provide reliable, safer and faster cylinder delivery, and achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction,” said Girish Gupta, President, Technology Solution Partners, LLC, adding, “Better accuracy and safety translates to higher profits.”  

The Logistics Solution works as an add-on with cylinder management solution and works seamlessly with Trakaid’s CyTrack Cylinder Management Solution.  CyTrack is a web-based tracking system which gives companies the ability to view a current status of critical assets and assess their impact on business processes from any location. 

Using this solution allows a logistics team to validate each customer’s designated cylinder before delivery, and offload that cylinder from the delivery vehicle.  When retrieving cylinders from a customer, the logistics team can mark a cylinder as physically damaged, view cylinders that are due for testing and check to see if a cylinder has been recalled.  The Logistics Solution ensures these cylinders are returned to a central location for servicing before they are put back into operation.  Furthermore, the Logistics Solution provides the ability to transfer instantly actionable data to a central office.

Through the introduction of the Logistics Solution, Trakaid continues to design products that give its customers the best cylinder tracking Solution available.   This helps customers raise their return on investment and thrive in the current business environment.  With the add-on Logistics Solution, CyTrack’s benefits encompass all aspects of the cylinder business including receipt, production, testing, service, invoicing, delivery, ADC and logistics.