Tri Air Testing, the US-based compressed gas testing company, has celebrated its 40th year in business.

Dr. J. Scott Thornton founded Texas Research International (TRI) in February 1975. TRI Air Testing, headquartered in Texas, has been in operation since the formation of TRI and has served as one of the chief drivers in the organisations establishment.

Today, TRI is a diverse technology, scientific and services company – and TRI Air Testing remains a central component.

The company provides compressed air and gas testing for a wide range of industries and its patented air/gas sampling equipment was designed originally for the US Navy Diver’s air sampling.

Jonathon Sauseda, Vice President of TRI Air Testing, emphasised, “TRI Air Testing has been in business for over 40 years. Our vision is to continue to be the standard in the compressed air testing industry in all sectors. We at TRI Air Testing know how important safety and accurate results are in the compressed air industry and make it a priority to always provide this to our customers.”