True Zero, a dedicated hydrogen (H2) infrastructure developer based in California, revealed that its network of H2 refuelling stations powered more than 3.7 million zero-emission fuel cell car miles in the US state in 2016 – eliminating over one thousand tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

“That’s the greenhouse gas equivalent of planting a forest nine times the size of Disneyland,” explained Joel Ewanick, CEO of FirstElement Fuel, True Zone’s parent.

True Zero serves an estimated 1,200 FCVs and announced that it will post labels at its H2 charging stations to demonstrate and help consumers understand the societal-impacts of driving H2-powered FCVs.

South san francisco true zero hydrogen station

Source: True Zero


The company currently owns and operates 16 H2-charging stations in the US state of California but is in the process of building three additional stations to complete the first phase of its retail network.

Two of those charging stations provide H2 sourced from 100% renewable feedstock – slashing greenhouse gas emissions by 93% compared to a typical gasoline-powered car. The other 14 stations source their H2 from steam methane reformers (SMRs), gasworld understands.

The company has set an ambitious target to source all of its H2 from 100% renewables by 2023.

“We’re already seeing far more growth than we expected during the first phase of our H2 network. To keep up with demand and help automakers sell more fuel cell cars, our future stations have to be larger and able to charge up multiple cars at the same time,” added Ewanick.