Turbines Inc has added ‘critical mass’ with its latest recruit, Ken Nugent, the firm’s new Director of Business Development.

Turbines Inc., a design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing firm headquartered in Altus, Oklahoma, has announced a second recent addition to the team. Just days after the firm publicised Wayne Fowler’s appointment, the company has gone on to recruit Ken Nugent as Director of Business Development.

Dezi Halmi, a principal in the firm described the already established firm, he commented, “TI already had a well established team of manufacturing and metering professionals nurturing its core business; we were extremely fortunate to attract a nucleus of professionals, expert and experienced in the engineered turbine meter field, around whom to build the TRD operation in Seneca two years ago.”

“Bringing Ken Nugent into this flourishing enterprise adds significantly to the capability, capacity, expertise and experience of this world-class organisation, and will assure continuing success and growth with total dedication to keeping our customers and their best interests in the forefront of considerations!” added Halmi.

Nugent benefits from over 30 years of experience in the sector and has served in numerous managerial positions, ranging from Engineering to VP of Operations. He also boasts five years service with Linde/BOC as a Field Service Engineer as well as additional experience with ELDEC.

According to Turbines, Nugent will work with the firm’s R&D team to continually develop and improve engineered products, service and business growth in new markets.