Turbines, Inc. has successfully met and exceeded the OIML Global Standards as tested and verified by the Netherlands Measurement Institute (NMi) certification and calibration standards for its TMC Series Cryogenic Flow Meters and CDS1000 Cryogenic Totalizers.

“Successfully completing the NMi testing is a milestone for our company. It validates our accuracy statements and instills trust in our global customers that they have the most accurate cryogenic measurement system available in the market,” said Ken Nugent, Director of Business Development at Turbines Inc. “Meeting the OIML standards is an achievement unto itself, but in the accuracy tests, we far exceeded the minimum parameters required.”

Turbines, Inc.’s TMC Series Cryogenic Flow Meters and CDS1000 Cryogenic Totalizers underwent five rigorous test procedures to verify accuracy and durability in conditions more stringent than real-world requirements. For instance, the endurance test involved the flow of more than 1 million gallons of liquid nitrogen through the turbine and a minimum of 100 hours of cryogenic operation.

Accuracy measurements conducted before and after the endurance test showed that the accuracy shifted a mere 0.15%, well within the 1.5% parameter required by the OIML Acceptance Tolerance.

Accuracy tests were conducted at the NIST Cryogenic Flow Measurement Facility in Boulder, Colorado, while endurance testing took place at the company’s Research & Development subsidiary in Seneca, South Carolina.

Turbines, Inc.’s TMC Series Cryogenic Flow Meters are manufactured in the U.S.A. and feature an all stainless steel body and shaft, with a nickel rotor in all available line sizes. The TMC Series can handle a temperature range of -450°F to +450°F, making them the ideal meters for extreme temperature applications. Additionally, the performance flow rate range has increased to 12,000 GPM.

Turbines, Inc. serves a range of cryogenic applications, including bulk and micro-bulk transport, industrial, chemical, aerospace, as well as research and development. Turbines, Inc.’s high-quality products, fast and reliable order fulfillment, and commitment to customer and technical support have made the company an industry leader in highly accurate flow metering.