ETKÄ°M, Turkey's state-controlled petrochemical production company has launched an international tender for the procurement of a liquid nitrogen storage tank.

Their announcement was released in both Turkish and English, and calls for proposals that cover the engineering, equipment and materials, supervision and training services required for a large liquid nitrogen storage tank. The tank will be built within an air-nitrogen-oxygen production plant in the AliaÄŸa Petkim Complex.

The specification calls for a vertical type, cryogenic double tank (inner and outer side)
with a capacity of 78660 litres. It should also be designed to work at a pressure level of 15.4 kg/cm 2 g and a temperature of -196 o C.

Bidders are invited to contact Petkim Petrokimya Holding A.Åž. General Management, Project Department to obtain a tender document, with all bids to be returned to the same before 20.04.2007.

Since the tender is not subject due to the provisions of Turkey's public tender laws PETKÄ°M is free to realize the tender partially or completely and to award the contract to any bidder it regards eligible. However, all bidders must provide documents to the standard of the company's bidder's eligibility qualifications, a copy of which can also be obtained through the project management office.