TW Cylinders LLC, a division of Taylor-Wharton International LLC, yesterday announced price increases effective as of 4th August 2008 covering all acetylene and high pressure cylinder product lines.

The price schedules will reflect base price increases from 4% to 23%, contingent upon the applicable steel, acetone and component part content of each product.

Scott W. Boyd, Vice President of Sales and Marketing stated that, “Increases from our steel suppliers continue to compound the raw material component of our cost structure each month.”

“The persistent price escalation for alloy steels has again exceeded our ability to absorb the increases. Base tonnage prices for steel have increased 15%-27% since 1st May.”

Boyd also noted that, “Acetone and component part price increases have reflected similar escalation trends since the beginning of the year and increases for oil and energy commodities continue to burden the daily manufacturing costs at our factories.”

All new orders placed on or after 4th August 2008 will be subject to the new price schedules. Existing customer agreements will be adjusted as permitted by contract terms.