TW Cylinders LLC, a division of Taylor-Wharton International LLC, has been awarded the 2009 Air Pollution Control Achievement Award by the City of Huntsville.

The City of Huntsville’s Air Pollution Control Board presents awards annually in recognition of local company’s efforts to reduce air pollutant emissions and/or their outstanding efforts in environmental education.

TW Cylinders replaced gas fired pre-heat ovens with four induction heating units, which reduce monthly natural gas usage by 25%.

This project has resulted in immediate reductions in energy costs, provided improved consistency in the quality of pre-heating, and greatly improved the work environment for our operators by reducing temperatures 20°F-30°F in our spinning area.

Mike Camp, General Manager of Cylinders at TW Cylinders LLC said, “Taylor-Wharton recognizes the importance of preserving our natural resources and the environment through careful stewardship of the production methods we use in our manufacturing process.”

He added, “We at Taylor-Wharton, are committed to a set of guiding principles, one which states, ‘Continuous Improvement is Essential to Our Success’ and that ‘our Company is pleased to receive recognition from the city of Huntsville, which has the reputation as one of the nation’s greenest cities, for our efforts to improved air quality and our environment.’”

Gary Lee, Engineering Manager of TW Cylinders LLC, commented, “The gas fired ovens had low efficiency rating at only 10% while the Induction units have a 96% efficiency rating.”

In addition, Lee noted that, “The work area temperature reduction has been a welcomed improvement addressing one of our Safety Council’s priorities related to heat stress avoidance.”