Norway-based Aker Carbon Capture (Aker) will deliver its ‘Just Catch’ modular carbon capture plant to Dutch waste management company Twence.

With its new carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) project, Hengelo-based Twence – which converts 1m tonnes of waste-to-energy each year – plans to accelerate the Netherlands’ Paris Agreement efforts.

Commenting on the deal, Valborg Lundegaard, CEO, Aker, said, “After working closely with Twence since 2018, we are ready to implement our technology and execution skills to the benefit of the company and the residents of Hengelo.” 

Set to begin operations at the end of 2023, a €14.3m Dutch investment aid to Twence for the facility was found to be ‘in line with EU State aid rules’ by the European Commission in August. 

Once operational and the carbon dioxide (CO2) has been captured and liquefied, road tankers will transport the gas to nearby users such as greenhouses to increase the yield of plants and vegetables. 

Calling it an opportunity to contribute to a ‘CO2-neutral environment’, Marc Kapteijn, Managing Director, Twence, added, “This also gives us the opportunity to not only supply liquid CO2 to greenhouse horticulture, but also to use it in other sectors, such as the food industry, in the chemical industry or as biofuel.”