IdaTech, the fuel cell solutions developer and manufacturer, has announced that the company has secured two contracts based on IdaTech's hydrogen purification expertise and these deals, in partnership with a Japanese firm, should enable the future development of hydrogen purification on a large scale.

Focused on the patented hydrogen purification technology, the HyPurium membrane, and in partnership with an as yet unnamed Japanese company, one contract will focus on the testing and evaluation of IdaTech's purification technologies for use in distributed hydrogen production.

The second award is in conjunction with a European military contractor and focused on the operation of the HyPurium membrane for high-power military applications.

The company claims that both contracts open the door for future awards based on IdaTech's hydrogen reformation and purification capabilities. The company's core technology is its patented fuel processing technology, which is capable of converting a number of fuels including methanol, ethanol, diesel, natural gas and bio-fuels into high purity hydrogen, on which fuel cell solutions operate.