Union Engineering is set to deliver and install two CO2 recovery plants in South East Asia, a region experiencing rapid economic growth and rising demand for carbon dioxide as a result.

In Singapore, Leeden National Oxygen Ltd. has ordered another CO2 plant from Union, a recovery plant capable of processing 31,000 tonnes of feed gas per year from the adjacent Neste Oil-operated refinery.

The CO2 gas will be purified and liquefied to meet the highest standards and will also improve the refinery’s resource efficiency, as a CO2-rich side stream now becomes a valuable raw material for Leeden National Oxygen Ltd.

With this new project, Leeden National Oxygen Ltd. will improve its position as one of the most important suppliers of CO2 in the region. Gary Choo, Executive Director of Leeden National Oxygen, is looking forward to the increased amount of purified CO2 and explained, “Purification of CO2 from the refinery offers the advantage of a decrease in carbon footprint, as the CO2 is not just vented to the atmosphere, and at the same time improves our position as an important supplier of carbon dioxide in the market.”

“It is extremely important for us to choose a reliable supplier of the CO2 technology, and we know from previous cooperation that Union Engineering is capable of delivering a sustainable and available solution.”

The plant is expected to be completed and fully operational by fourth quarter 2015.

Expanding capacity

The second plant is for Petro Oxo Nusantara (PON), a well-known client of Union in Indonesia. In 2013, the company commissioned a 48 tonnes per day (tpd) extraction plant and PON has now decided to expand its capacity with another 100 tpd extraction and liquefaction plant.

The new plant will be located next to the existing Union CO2 plant and will supply liquid food-grade CO2 that meets the highest food grade standards.

PON’s expectations for the new plant are high, and the company’s CEO stated, “Union has proved to be very reliable, and we have had good experience with both installation and commissioning being carried out in a timely fashion. Operation of our current plant has been very smooth and we look forward to the new plant.”

“Another important factor for our decision was that we are familiar with the operations and have developed confidence in Union’s technology. As the CO2 is meant for sales, product quality and reliability of supply are of utmost importance, and we can trust Union to deliver on both fronts.”

The project is expected to be in operation by third quarter 2015.