Approximately nine months after the official spade was taken to its new CO2 liquefaction plant at the site of CT Biocarbonic GmbH in Zeitz, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, the Tyczka Group has announced that the plant is now in operation.

CropEnergies AG and Tyczka Energie GmbH first revealed plans for the plant in May 2009, intended for the liquefaction of food quality CO2.

Drawing on biogenic CO2 (carbon dioxide) from bioethanol production, the produced CO2 will go some way to catering for ever-growing food & beverage demand, while also ensuring that the Tyczka Group has secured both a long-term and sustainable source of CO2.

Now that it is operational, the new plant in Zeitz boasts a liquefaction capacity of 100,000 tonnes of biogenous CO2 per year.

"With the new work in Zeitz, the Tyczka group has access to, presently, the most modern CO2 liquefaction plant in Europe and sets a new milestone for the further business development of the Tyczka group in the area of carbon dioxide,” remarked Dr. Frank Götzelmann, speaker of the management of Tyczka Carbon Dioxide GmbH & Co KG.

The CO2 liquefaction plant benefits from the existing infrastructure of the neighbouring organic ethanol business of CropEnergies, with CO2 harvested and cleaned from the fermentation of the organic ethanol production into high purity carbon dioxide.

The product fulfills the highest requests, Tyczka notes, and exceeds industry standards such as the ISBT standard for CO2, for example.

"A further essential advantage of the product lay also in the persistent production of the biogenous carbon dioxide,” declared Tyczka’s Dr. Peter Biedenkopf.

"We get more or less the carbon dioxide by the field and the supply assures our new customers in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic with a first-class product,” Dr. Biedenkopf concluded.

Tyczka Carbon Dioxide GmbH & Co. KG is a subsidiary of Tyczka Energy GmbH and is among the leading businesses in Germany in the area of liquid carbon dioxide. With its own sources for natural carbon dioxide, as well as access to many sources in Europe, the company supplies approximately 1,000 customers in Germany, Austria and adjacent EU countries.