Expansion of a German food and freezing company and its production facilities has resulted in extra business for Tyczka Kohlensaure (TKS), as the company increases its supply of food carbonic acid and related services.

Based in Germany too, TKS is regarded as the country’s leading supplier in the field of liquid carbon dioxide and has been the consultant and supplier to food processing and production group Sander Gourmet for over three years now.

Sander Gourmet has been providing its gastronomic expertise and services to the Deutsche Bahn AG rail service and its luxury buffet carriage since 2006, ensuring the train is able to offer such meals as Nuremberg sausages, Mexican chilli con carne, and Indian lamb curry.

Servicing numerous customers in the hotel trade, public services, aviation and railway industries, Sander Gourmet has found that demand for its meal components and processing has increased and as such, production expansions were required.

With production expanding and orders gathering, existing equipment was deemed too small and so, TKS was able to conclude a new contract for new equipment and services.

In the past, the company was supplied with frozen carbonic acid via two flat carbonic acid tank containers - required for the refrigeration and frosting of various products, as well as for transportation purposes. The new long term supply contract agreed with TKS will see this continue as the supply of frozen food grade carbonic acid is guaranteed, while TKS will also provide new froster equipment in the years to come.

Nationwide reputation
Headquartered in Geretsried and officially named Tyczka GmbH & Co. KG, TKS is regarded as the nationwide leader in liquid carbon dioxide in Germany and belongs to Tyczka group.

November 2004 saw the group acquire some of the CO2 activities of Air Liquide, following the French gases company’s acquisition of Messer Griesheim assets in Germany.

After obtaining the final approval of the European Commission and in order to comply with its requirements, Air Liquide sold its activities located at Burgbrohl, near Cologne, as well as in the southwest (Ludwigshafen) and southeast of Germany, to TKS.

The German company has also started the year on a positive note, as 2009 saw the introduction of three new CO2 tankers for the renewal of the fleet in operation - improving security in the logistics of CO2 due to its internal stainless steel tanks.