The United Hydrogen Group (UHG) has received a $4m investment from platinum group metals producer, Anglo American Platinum (Amplats), to help reduce delivery costs of hydrogen (H2) and support development of H2 refuelling stations for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) in the north-east of the US.

UHG will work closely with fellow H2 technology company, Hydrogenious Technologies, to deliver hydrogen logistics and reduce costs for FCEV developments under this investment.

By predominantly using its Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC), Hydrogenious Technologies can help increase safety for H2 logistics of this operation by binding and storing the inert gas in LOHC. The carrier liquids offer high-density energy storage at ambient conditions, which addresses existing challenges associated with storing and transporting gaseous H2.

Vladmir Perad, CEO of UHG, said, ‘“We are excited to partner with Anglo American Platinum and this investment will allow us to accelerate our participation in the H2 infrastructure build-up in the US, and provides us with capital to commercialise disruptive technology for the storage and delivery of H2.”

UHG is a H2 production and distribution business in the US, and distributes gaseous and liquid H2 to industrial customers. The company owns a refuelling station in New York but plans to introduce new technologies to the H2 distribution market and refuelling infrastructure.

Amplats has also invested in two other global fuel cell companies - Ballard Power Systems and Altergy Systems – although financial details were not disclosed.