The Crawley, Horley and Gatwick Airport area in the UK is set to benefit from 20 hydrogen-powered busses as a result of a newly inked deal between the Go-Ahead Group and industrial gas giant Air Products.

Marking a significant move in the UK’s hydrogen transportation space, the deal will see Go-Ahead Groups’ first hydrogen buses added to its fleet of more than 6,000 vehicles – a move which is expected to happen in June (2022).

It has already been confirmed that the single-decker GB Kite Hydroliner buses will be manufactured by Wrightbus in Northern Ireland and will be funded in part with money from the UK Government and the European Union zero emission bus scheme.

Once delivered, fuelling these buses will be a supply of liquid hydrogen from Air Products as it looks to continue to grow in the hydrogen space and contribute to various decarbonisation targets.

Christian Schreyer, Group Chief Executive of the Go-Ahead Group, said, “This is our first hydrogen supply deal, and it represents a milestone in our plans to transition Go-Ahead’s entire fleet of buses to zero emission fuel.”

“We’re delighted to be working with Air Products and with Wrightbus. This is an example of what can be achieved through a mixture of public and private funding, and of co-operation between different environmentally responsible partners.”

Manish Patel, Air Products UK Hydrogen for Mobility Director, added, “We’re pleased to be partnering with Go-Ahead and Metrobus on the largest hydrogen supply contract for buses in the UK to date. It’s a huge milestone in the UK’s hydrogen for mobility sector.”

“At Air Products, we’ve been involved in more than 13 million hydrogen vehicle fills across the world and have extensive experience over the last 60 years in delivering reliable end-to-end hydrogen solutions, from production to distribution and fuelling stations.”

“Our innovative and unique solutions will provide Metrobus the infrastructure to not only fuel their initial fleet but allow for rapid expansion without additional footprint or cost.”