Green tech manufacturer Levidian Nanosystems (Levidian) will supply 500 of its proprietary LOOP50 systems to technology expert Zero Carbon Ventures as part of a project to bring cutting edge carbon-reducing technologies to the Middle East.

Announced today (May 16th), the £700m deal will see the decarbonisation devices reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions across a range of industries in the UAE, focusing on the decarbonisation of waste gas on landfill and flaring sites.  

LOOP uses plasma technology to produce green graphene and hydrogen by separating methane into its constituent atoms, carbon and hydrogen, which can be either utilised immediately or stored for later use.  

According to Levidian, the technology has the ability to decarbonise gas by 40% instantly, and can easily integrate with existing infrastructure at any site in the world with a supply of natural gas, further reducing unnecessary CO2 emissions.  

Along with deployment of the first Levidian LOOP10 system at a site in Abu Dhabi, the LOOP systems are intended to form a ‘critical supply chain network’ producing graphene and hydrogen to be distributed in the UAE.  

“LOOP is at its most powerful when decarbonising waste gas to generate hydrogen and graphene,” said John Hartley, CEO, Levidian.  

“Methane is the most potent greenhouse gas and Levidian’s mission is to turn this gas ino a powerful tool for decarbonisation.”  

The green graphene produced by LOOP will be used to enhance and ‘further decarbonise’ industrial materials in paints and coatings, plastics and composites, building materials, and battery technologies.  

With hydrogen continuing to gain traction as a clean energy alternative – particularly in the mobility sector – LOOP’s clean hydrogen will be used in fuel cells and heat and power applications.  

By directly reducing the emissions of methane – a GHG with a global warming potential 86 times that of CO2 – Levidian aims to reduce CO2 equivalent emissions by 100 tonnes per year using its LOOP50 system.  

The ability to decarbonise the atmosphere at a large-scale forms the crux of Zero Carbon Ventures’ mission to find ‘world-class’ carbon reducing innovations that can positively impact industry in the Middle East.  

“There’s no doubt that Levidian’s game-changing LOOP devices will do just that, producing both green hydrogen and high-quality graphene, right here in the UAE,” said Martin Reynolds, CEO, Zero Carbon Ventures.