Dominion Technology Gases will supply welding gases to Stolt Offshore’s LB200, one of the world’s largest pipe-lying vessels, as it works on the 1,200-kilometre Langeled gas pipeline.

Stolt Offshore will construct and lay about 890km of the pipeline from Norway to the UK, completing 525km this year and 360km in 2006.

The decisive factor in Dominion’s favour was the company’s 300-bar pressure cylinders, which have 50 percent more pressure than the 200-bar industry standard.

Dominion also commissioned the design of a unique gas-mixing module to blend the argon and carbon dioxide on board the vessel. This helped reduce the number of offshore lifts, as premixed welding gas is too unstable to transport at higher than 90-bar pressure and supplying it would have increased the turnover of cylinder nearly tenfold.

Commenting on the supply agreement Paul McAlister, Dominion’s General Manager said, “Dominion had worked with Stolt Offshore to overcome the challenges of supplying a moving vessel with a system tailor-made to meet the demands of a rigorous schedule and exacting conditions”.

The contract will run for up to two years and is worth an estimated £1 million per annum, making it one of Dominion’s biggest ever contracts.