More than 800 people from five major cities in the UK have spoken out about air pollution concerns after revelations of high levels of unsafe emissions throughout the country.

Following research conducted by YouGov on behalf of the Clean Air Alliance and supported by clean cold and power company Dearman, it was revealed that some areas of the UK have levels of air pollution that are considered unsafe and even breach EU laws.

As a result, around 76% of those interviewed supported the proposed introduction of dedicated clean-zones to help tackle this issue.

Dan Byles, Chair of the Clean Air Alliance, emphasised, “This research demonstrates just how big an issue air quality has become. Crucially, there is now a growing national consensus about what needs to be done, with widespread support for the introduction of measures to discourage polluting diesel vehicles and encourage uptake of less polluting alternatives.”

This will only continue to gather momentum and hopefully we are on the verge of cleaner air for everyone

Toby Peters, Dearman founder and CEO

The study also revealed heightened support for companies adopting zero-emission alternative transportation, with only 17% of interviewees stating that they would be less likely to buy from a company that introduces such vehicles – even if that made their products more expensive.

That spells good news for zero-emission power and cooling technology corporation Dearman, with its founder and CEO, Toby Peters, highlighting, “We are clearly at a crossroads and people across the country aren’t just calling for a change of direction, but many are now willing to back companies and authorities that demonstrate leadership.”

“This will only continue to gather momentum and hopefully we are on the verge of cleaner air for everyone.”

Dearman provided this infographic (below) to highlight the advantages of zero-emission vehicles.

Impact of zero emission transport refrigeration system infographic

Source: Dearman


Forming the research results, the general public was interviewed in the UK cities of Birmingham, Leeds, London, Nottingham and Southampton.