Firmly set on helping the UK achieve its net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets, the UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre (UKCCSRC) has announced the funding of ten new projects.

Over half a million pounds will be shared between seven UK universities and the National Oceanography Centre to support carbon capture research across a wide range of sources, including industry, air (using Direct Air Capture techniques), environmental protection and effective monitoring of carbon dioxide stored underground.

In order to assess and identify gaps in industry where fast-track research projects could be most impactful, the UKCCSRC utilised their Advisory Council to help run a series of industry- and regulator-led workshops.

Using external reviewers, the UKCCSRC Secretariat ran an assessment process, concluding with the UKCCSRC Board authorising the final project selection. With its strong links to more than 300 academic members and possessing a very experienced CCUS reviewer pool, the Centre is perfectly positioned to complement standard academic research funding options through rapid-response grants via its flexible funding calls.

The 2021 Flexible Funding Call, which closed in April, saw the UKCCSRC receive 27 applications, ten of which saw success after going through the Centre’s rigorous appraisal system.

Commenting on the level of interest expressed in the projects, Jeremy Carey, Board Chair, UKCCSRC, said, “We’re delighted with the high level of industry engagement in these diverse, relatively early-stage projects and are excited to see the impact of the research outcomes.”

Table showing list of successful applications

Table showing list of successful applications

The table above shows the details of the successful applications. Funding was allocated depending on the project’s level of impact; £30k was offered for an academic-only project or £50k with £10k or more cash support.

The UKCCSRC awarded £357k of its funds plus £190k of other support to the ten successful projects.