Global leader in renewable energy RWE has announced that it’s ready to support the UK Government’s targets to facilitate the UK’s hydrogen economy, even urging the Government to set more ambitious goals.

The support comes after the publication of the UK Hydrogen Strategy on August 17th, 2021. Welcoming the strategy and the launch of consultations, RWE is currently analysing the proposals and will respond to the accompanying consultations at a later date.

As the UK sets itself to transition to a net zero emission energy sector, RWE recognises that hydrogen is a key component of this decarbonisation pathway and its own efforts in supplying energy to produce green hydrogen could play a major role.

In addition to providing expertise in gas storage facilities and supply to industrial customers, RWE also sees its own gas-fired power stations as a potential off-taker for hydrogen.

Speaking about the company’s commitment to a green future, Tom Glover, UK Country Chair, RWE, said, “RWE is a driver of the energy transition, about 90% of our capital investment is in green technology including renewables and storage.”

“We know that hydrogen will be key to cracking zero carbon emissions across industrial processes, and RWE is committed to playing a full part in the delivery of this emerging technology and at the same time creating skilled green jobs.”

Intent on increasing its reputation as a renewable energy innovator, the company’s 250-strong team is working with partners from industry and the scientific community to develop 30 hydrogen projects along the entire value chain.

It has also partnered with industry to form the Pembroke Net Zero Centre (PNZC) to investigate the feasibility of green hydrogen production at the Pembroke Power Station site. The scheme is also going to study the potential for hydrogen consumption in the power station as well as the opportunity to produce gigawatts of green hydrogen connected to offshore floating wing in the Celtic Sea.

Already demonstrating its dedication to renewables with its various offshore windfarm projects, RWE’s strategy includes the growth of its renewables portfolio and the desire to become climate neutral by 2040. The UK’s future energy policies will play a key role in both the company and the Government reaching their climate footprint reduction targets.