ULEMCo, specialist in low emission technology in the UK, and its R&D partner Revolve Technologies, have achieved record breaking energy efficiency results for its 100% hydrogen (H2) fuelled zero emission engine, designed to decarbonise heavy goods vehicles.

Thermal efficiencies of 45% have been demonstrated in engine control strategies being developed for the mega low emissions (MLE) truck demonstrator unveiled earlier this year. This milestone performance proves that it is possible to go well beyond previously reported energy efficiency results for H2 combustion, at the same time as achieving immeasurable NOx levels. 

ULEMCo’s MLE combustion engine truck

By adapting existing diesel engine designs to run on H2-diesel dual fuel, ULEMCO has provided a route to quicker adoption of H2 in heavy duty applications than alternative approaches, which are still many years away from cost effective commercial availability.

“These excellent results represent engine efficiency levels very similar to those seen with some fuel cell technologies”, said Amanda Lyne, Managing Director at ULEMCo. 

Lyne continued, “Combining these results with our knowledge of how to ensure that the engine can operate over a wide performance curve – and with industrial grade H2 – gives us confidence in this approach. Vehicle operators, particularly in heavy duty applications, will have a truly cost effective option for very low carbon and zero emission driving in the future.”                        

Paul Turner, Engineering Director at Revolve said, “Our highly qualified team has used dynamometer testing to develop our understanding of how to optimise H2 fuel use, whilst delivering immeasurably low NOx from engines that would be ‘right sized’ for use with H2. We are delighted with the speed with which these impressive results have been achieved.”

ULEMCo believes that a balanced approach – rather than just favouring / promoting EV – by the Government would ensure that a variety of technology solutions are available in the future.    

Visualisation of ULEMCo Mega Low Emissions (MLE) demonstrator vehicle

Visualisation of ULEMCo Mega Low Emissions (MLE) demonstrator vehicle

Source: ULEMCo