ULEMCo has announced plans to launch a zero emission 50kW generator later this year.

The zero emission genset is targeted for use in urban areas. When running over an eight-hour construction shift, the 50kW genset will use around 15-20kgs of hydrogen, depend on the average load.

The genset will emit zero emissions from an air quality perspective, without any after treatment, and depending on the source of hydrogen, will save up to 640/kWh COagainst a diesel-powered comparator.

When tested under the Type D2 ISO 8178 generator set engine standard, the genset demonstrates thermal efficiency from the engine to up to 45%.

The work builds on the results by ULEMCo’s R&D partners, Revolve Technologies, on 100% hydrogen engines. Working in collaboration with the genset integrator, the two companies will provide a solution that applies experience of hydrogen systems with capability in clean combustion approaches, and knowledge of practical customer operational needs. 

“Our initial work showed how an engine can be adapted to run on 100% hydrogen with zero emissions, and we were delighted to see the impressive overall efficiency result attained,” said Paul Turner, Engineering Director and Revolve Technologies.

50kW genset - ULEMCo

Source: ULEMCo

“Using hydrogen in this genset application, instead of other zero emission alternatives like batteries, eliminates equipment down time for re-charging, and requires very little change of behaviour for the operators that would normally use diesel fuel. We believe that our prototype will gain significant interest from the industry,” Turner continued.

“This latest product represents a further opportunity for hydrogen fuel to make a real difference in reducing harmful emissions, and to support initiative such as the new London ULEZ to improve air quality,” said Amanda Lyne, Managing Director of ULEMCo. 

“Our experience with commercial van fleets and trucks has given us valuable insights that have transferred to this first genset model.” Lyne continued.

ULEMCo plans to have a production ready genset available in the Autumn, and to have a prototype available for potential customers to trial in the next few months.