Hydrogen (H2) fuel pioneer ULEMCo is developing a demonstration marine engine modified to run on H2 as part of an international project.

The UK company has become a partner in the HYLANTIC project, which aims to establish an transnational network to advance the R&D, implementation and commercialisation of H2 as an energy vector for future power generation in the Atlantic Area.

The project hopes to provide energy efficient solutions to strategic sectors in the Atlantic region such as transport, marine, ultra-low energy building supply, and/or portable and stationary devices.

As well as developing a H2 fuelled engine, a feasibility study will also be carried out to assess the sources of H2 locally in the Liverpool City Region that would be suitable for marine applications, where opportunities could exist for vessels such as those used for the Mersey Ferry and the Manchester Ship Canal.

ULEMCo joins the Universities of Cantabria, Porto, Ulster and Dublin City, as well as several private companies in delivering the HYLANTIC project. The work is funded by Interreg Europe, which supports local and regional authorities across Europe in achieving innovative and integrated solutions to a range of sustainability issues.

“We are very excited to be part of the HYLANTIC project, and to be adding this feasibility work on marine applications to our fast expanding vehicle portfolio”, said Amanda Lyne, CEO of ULEMCo. “We shall announce progress with the demonstration H2 marine engine in due course.”

The Atlantic Network for Renewable Generation and Supply of Hydrogen to promote High Energy Efficiency – ‘HYLANTIC’ project addresses global energy issues and focuses on the challenge of ensuring a sustainable and efficient energy supply with low carbon emissions.


Source: ULEMCo