Dave Ungru, President/CEO of Koehler Welding Supply, Inc., was presented the Bob Jackson Memorial Award at the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative’s (IWDC) Owners’ Meeting in Reynolds, Georgia, US (27th-30th October).

Source: IWDC

Ungru got the award in recognition of his contributions to the IWDC, a cooperative which leverages the strengths of its independent welding distributors across North America.

The Bob Jackson award is considered the preeminent award of the IWDC, which says criteria for the prize includes strong volunteer spirit, supportive of independents, and viewed internal and externally as a respected leader.

Madison, Indiana-based Koehler was acquired by Ungru in 1989 when it was originally operating as a retail tyre store with a small cylinder gas business. Ungru expanded the business to a second location serving traditional welding and gas customers. While the tyre business remains, the welding supply business is significantly larger bolstered by comprehensive range of welding, gases, safety, integrated MRO supplies and automation services.

Ungru also helped launch two high school programmes at the Ivy Tech Community College, Madison. This includes a two-year welding programme and a two-year industrial maintenance programme. Students from five local schools are part of these programmes.