Funded by the Eurostars programme, a project to develop a sustainable onsite carbon dioxide (CO2) plant between Swiss company Climeworks and Danish CO2 specialists Union Engineering is taking shape.

The objective of the project is to develop a standardised, competitive, low-cost, modular and standalone onsite plant for the delivery of beverage grade CO2 to bottling companies.

The CO2 stems primarily from atmospheric air and is in a first step concentrated to 99.9% by a Climeworks direct air capture (DAC) plant. In a second step – conditioning with Union Engineering technology – CO2 is purified and liquefied to achieve beverage grade CO2 purity.

The joint project started in March 2016 and is understood to have a duration of 18 months, with a budget of just over €1m.

Climeworks provides solutions for efficiently capturing CO2 out of ambient air and offers a competitive and environmentally friendly CO2 supply to the customers. The upcycled CO2 can be used in the food and beverage industry, as a feedstock for production of various chemicals, as well as enabling the production of carbon-neutral renewable fuels allowing for efficient storage of renewable energies.