No sooner has Union Engineering announced two new carbon dioxide (CO2) recovery plants in South East Asia, the company has also entered into agreement for a liquid CO2 plant in California, US.

The agreement is with Aemetis, an ethanol biorefinery operator in Keyes, California.

Union Engineering will design and construct a 300 tonnes per day (tpd) liquefied CO2 facility, at an estimated construction cost of around $15m.

It’s thought that Aemetis – and the biofuels industry as a whole – is keen to monetise by-product CO2 via liquefaction and further improve the performance of biofuels relative to other conventional fuels.

The new facility from Union Engineering will liquefy the CO2 produced at the Aemetis biorefinery, with the latter anticipated to sell the liquefied CO2 to end-users and distributors primarily in the Central Valley of California.

Union Engineering states that design and engineering work has begun, with production expected to begin in fourth quarter 2015.